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  • Polish News Bulletin Daily
  • Issue 3412
  • 19 June 2018

Tuesday's Highlights

EC Vice-President Visits Warsaw, Meets Polish PM

Restricted Content - Polish News Bulletin Daily

Although Mateusz Morawiecki and Frans Timmermans talked more than one hour, during the press conference they hardly mentioned any concrete result of their meeting. They did not answer journalists' questions,…

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Experts Surprised by Hike in Salaries, Employment

Restricted Content - Polish News Bulletin Daily

While experts anticipated that wages and employment would grow less in May than in April, figures released by GUS on Monday came as a negative surprise. The average pay increased…

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Net Profit of PKO BP to Reach PLN3.5bn

Restricted Content - Polish News Bulletin Daily

CEO of PKO BP Zbigniew Jagiełło expects his firm to make positive financial results. Net profit in 2018 is to go up to PLN3.5bn, and if the bank tax is…

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New Service

    PNB has prepared a new service. This consists of a website containing press clippings and a media report, which can feature a specific company or topic.

The Benefits

    The report allows you to access to an English-language document summarizing the press clippings. You can now: - monitor your company or business sector; - see the media portrayal of partners...

How to Test

    To get acquainted with the model of the new service, access our past reports focusing on defense and trucking/transport or simply write to  

Newton Media

NEWTON Media Sp. z o.o. is part of the international group of businesses, delivering the electronic media monitoring of a new generation. Since 2002 the company is a member of the elite organizati...

Media Monitoring

    The main service offered by NEWTON Media is the electronic, fast, accurate and customer-based monitoring of printed media, radio, TV and the Internet. Electronic monitoring of media is based ...

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