What can I expect from The PNB Company?

Polish News Bulletin Company Sp. z o.o. (PNB) is Poland's premier English language news service, the pioneer in providing electronically delivered business and political information from Poland to thousands of emerging markets specialists around the world. Through us, you know before anybody else what will be the talk of the day.

What do I get from a free trial?

The free trial allows you to sample  our publications. All you need is to register, and for 7 days your account will be active. For a free trial of services, please contact our sales team, where a test will be composed and run. After all tests, we will contact you to ask about their benefit.

Who uses PNB?

PNB services are used by top decision makers in business and diplomacy. We cater to expat executives who would like to receive information on Poland in English. Additionally, we also provide a service for embassies.
Also, PNB is a suitable tool for analysts – please note the Cee-BusinessLine, an invaluable way to receive instantaneous news updates on the Central and Eastern European region.

What can I find on the PNB web site ?

On the PNB website you can find general information about the company and its news services. After reading through a description of who we are and what we do, you have the opportunity to apply for a free newsletter or a test of PNB publications.
Once you decide PNB is suitable for your needs, you can submit a electronic order form to our sales team to complete a purchase. The Sales Team will also be more than happy to answer any of your questions.
After you obtain a full account, you can use the website to login for access to all your services. The website will now become your method to interact with the PNB on a daily basis. You will also gain access to our archive, spanning many years of news on Poland.

What services doest the PNB provide?

They include publications: The Polish News Bulletin Daily (5 times/week), PNB Economic Review (2 times/week), PNB Law Supplement (weekly), PNB Weekend Supplement (weekly), and PNB Special Reports (monthly).  And also services: Cee-BusinessLine, PNB Select News Service, PNB Media Monitoring, and PNB Translations Service. A more detailed description is included in the ‘Publications’ and ‘Services’ section of our website.

How can I receive PNB services?

PNB services, once you are registered, are available through the website or in a way selected by the client. Log in to take full advantage. Also, if you’d like, we can send the services via e-mail.

Can I request a customised service?

Of course. Please refer to the PNB Select News Service in the Services section of our website. You can also ask us about preparing a one-off report on any given topic.



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