PNB Daily

The Polish News Bulletin team digests the most important political, economic and financial news so that every morning you have a full picture of what is happening in Poland.

Using material taken from the country's main daily newspapers, the Polish News Bulletin Daily lets you know what Poland's leading journalists are saying. In your in-box or on your desk – seven English-language pages filled with the day's most significant news and current affairs.

Through the Polish News Bulletin Daily, you already know in the morning what others will only read later in the day. The news that count.

Content: 7 pages

Frequency: Monday-Friday (daily news)

Format: PDF, TXT, HTML


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"Thanks to its timely and reliable coverage, the Polish News Bulletin is one of the best-used sources from Central Europe in Factiva's products."

Simon Alterman,
Vice President,
Editorial & Content Management,
Factiva Inc.,



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